What the Heck is a Chat Bot?

If you’ve heard of chat bots, but aren’t really sure what they are or what they can do for you, you’ve come to the right place.

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ChatBots Work When You Can't

A chatbot is your 24/7/365 customer-interaction assistant. Your bot can provide an outstanding customer experience at ANY time. Can you do the same?

You’re great at what you do, but you can’t be on call all the time, and having a human assistant on continuous standby will kill your profit margin.¬†That’s why chatbots make so much sense for any business where timely interaction with customers, or potential customers, is a must.


Chatbots Save You Time

When you’re on the phone, or responding to email, answering the same, repetitive questions, you’re not spending your time moving your business forward.

Yet those tasks are important too. So how do you do both?

Chatbots Save You Money

No wages,  no benefits, no holidays and no sick time. How does that sound?

Doesn’t mean you’re cheap.

It means you hire people when it makes sense to do so, not out of fear of missing an important customer interaction.